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Black Women in Higher Education

Using data from the Sisters of the Academy Research BootCamp®, an early career professional development program for Black women emerging scholars(doctoral students and junior scholars), this project explores the intersectionality of identity, the role of academic preparation in graduate education, effective structures for professional development and faculty socialization, and the development of mentoring relationships for Black women in academia.

Project Publications

Bertrand Jones, T., & Osborne-Lampkin, L. (2013). Black female faculty success and early career professional development. Negro Educational Review64(1-4), 59-75.

Bertrand Jones, T., Wilder, J. A., & Osborne-Lampkin, L. (2013). Employing a Black feminist approach to doctoral advising: Preparing Black women for the professoriate. Journal of Negro Education82(3), 326-338.

Wilder, J. A., Bertrand Jones, T., & Osborne-Lampkin, L. (2013). A profile of Black women in the 21st century academy: Still learning from the “outsider-within”. Journal of Research Initiatives1(1), 27-38.

Davis, D. J., Reynolds, R., & Bertrand Jones, T. (2012). Promoting the inclusion of tenure earning Black women in academe: Lessons for leaders in education. Florida Journal of Educational Administration & Policy5(1), 28-41.

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