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The Center for Postsecondary Success (CPS) researchers had a strong presence at and active involvement in the 2014 annual meeting of the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), the premier research association in the field of higher education, from November 19 to 22 in Washington DC.

CPS associate director Dr. David Tandberg served on a symposium panel titled, “Trees Without Fruit? The Pursuit of Policy-Relevant Scholarship in Higher Education.” Along with representatives from the Lumina Foundation, American Council on Education, Education Commission on the States, and the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Tandberg also attended a meeting organized by Research for Action and hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at their DC headquarters to discuss future research directions related to state performance funding programs.

CPS senior research associate Dr. Tamara Bertrand Jones discussed academic job search and productivity as a member on a panel organized by the Council for Ethnic Participation. CPS postdoctoral fellow Dr. Rebecca Brower, along with Dr. Tamara Bertrand Jones and others, presented a paper titled, “Is it Because I’m a Woman? The Consequences of Attributional Ambiguity Surrounding Gender in Higher Education.”

CPS director Dr. Shouping Hu had a paper titled, “Are English Language Learners Disadvantaged in College Experiences and Outcomes?” with researchers Jiajun Liu and Ernest Pascarella at the University of Iowa. Dr. Hu also joined a panel to reflect on building partnerships between researchers, policymakers and practitioners, along with researchers from the University of Southern California, RAND, University of Texas, and American Institutes for Research (AIR).

Dr. Shouping Hu, as one of twelve current ACPA senior scholars, participated in a strategic planning session on the role of ACPA senior scholars and visited the ACPA headquarter at the One Dupont Circle. The group discussed some initiatives with the ACPA leadership team that can be moved forward to strengthen the linkage between scholarship, policy, and practice. Dr. Hu also attended an invited session to discuss a new effort to improve the linkage between the work of research scholars and the worlds of practice and policy, initiated by the incoming ASHE president and CPS advisory board member Dr. Laura Perna and supported by the WT Grant Foundation.

In addition, Dr. Hu attended the editorial board meetings of Journal of Higher Education, Research in Higher Education, and Journal of College Student Development, and the 2015 ASHE program committee meeting during the conference.

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