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Institutional Policies Affecting Student Success

This project seeks to identify specific institution-wide policies that might be leveraged to increase college student engagement – a key predictor of student grades and persistence that is especially beneficial to Hispanic, African American, and academically under-prepared students.

Project Website

Project Publications

Cox, B. E., Reason, R. D., Tobolowksy, B. F., Underwood, R. B., Luczyk, S., Nix, S., Dean, J., & Wetherell, T. K. (2012). Linking institutional policies to student success: Initial results from a five-state pilot study. Tallahassee, FL: Center for Higher Education Research, Teaching, and Innovation.

Access the full research report here and the brief modal report here.

Tobolowsky, B. T., McClellan, R., & Cox, B. E. (2014). Opposing forces: An organizational view of transfer policies and practices. College Student Affairs Journal, 32(1), 67-80.

Tobolowsky, B. T. & Cox, B. E. (2012). Rationalizing neglect: An institutional response to transfer students. Journal of Higher Education, 83(3), 389-410.

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