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State Financial Aid Programs
(Funded by the Institute of Education Sciences)

Using the state of Florida as the study setting and the state’s merit aid program, the Bright Futures Scholarship program, as the fully developed intervention to be evaluated, this project examines the effects of Bright Futures program on 1) college enrollment and degree production in the state and in different types of institution, and 2) individual student college choice, persistence, and degree completion.

Project Publications

Zhang, L., Hu, S., Sun, L., & Pu, S. (in press). The effect of Florida’s Bright Futures program on college choice: A regression discontinuity approach. Journal of Higher Education.

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Zhang, L., Hu, S., & Sensenig, V. (2013). The effect of Florida’s Bright Futures Program on college enrollment and degree production: An aggregated-level analysis. Research in Higher Education, 54, 746-764.

Access here.

Hu, S., Trengove, M., & Zhang, L. (2012). Toward a greater understanding of the effects of state merit aid programs: Examining existing evidence and exploring future research direction. In J. C. Smart, & M. B. Paulsen (Eds.), Higher education: Handbook of theory and research (pp. 291-334). New York: Springer.

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