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Student Engagement and College Outcomes

Using a number of national data sets on college students, this project examines how student engagement in college activities is related to student persistence, learning, and personal developmental outcomes. A particular thread of this research is student athlete engagement and its relationship to student experiences and selected cognitive and affective outcomes.

Project Publications

Rettig, J. & Hu, S. (in press). College sport participation and student educational experiences and selected outcomes. Journal of College Student Development.

Hu, S. & McCormick, A. (2012). An engagement-based student typology and its relationship to college outcomes. Research in Higher Education, 53, 738-754.

Hu, S. (2011). Reconsidering the relationship between student engagement and persistence in college. Innovative Higher Education, 36(2), 97-106.

Gayles, J. G. & Hu, S. (2009). The influence of student engagement and sport participation on college outcomes among division-I student athletes. Journal of Higher Education, 80, 315-333.

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